Redmi Note 13 NFC sapphiren MIUI 14 update release date

This is an iteration of the Redmi Note 13 NFC MIUI 14 ROMs. The first MIUI 14 firmware or update for Redmi Note 13 NFC has already been released on 2023-11-24 by Xiaomi. You can now download the stable, weekly, or beta MIUI 14 ROM for your phone/tablet with device code sapphiren. The last version of Redmi Note 13 NFC MIUI 14 ROM has been rolled out on 2024-03-15. It is recommended to update to the latest MIUI14 to experience the new features. If you want to upgrade or downgrade your MIUI version, you can find more details on the Redmi Note 13 NFC ROM section page.