Download official Xiaomi flash tool MiFlash, with Xiaomi flashing tutorial

MiFlash is the best and most recommended Xiaomi flash tool. MiFlash is officially developed by Xiaomi for brushing Xiaomi phones and tablets (including Redmi) to update the official Xiaomi ROM firmware on the device easily and safely. Now, all versions of these Xiaomi ROMs are available for you to download from XiaomiRom.COM.

What is MiFlash?

If you are a Xiaomi players who are looking for the best or most optimized version of Xiaomi ROM, then the Xiaomi MiFlash tool will work for a wide range of Xiaomi device users. The tool runs on Windows OS, fully supports Windows XP to Windows 10, and can quickly and thoroughly update your Xiaomi smartphones and tablets with a complete Fastboot ROM. Note that it does not support installing OTA upgrade packages, you always need to download the full package, just like the firmware recorded on

So, for Xiaomi phone flashing, you don’t need to download other unknown flash tools to toss your phone, just choose to download this official Xiaomi Flash Tool. However, MiFlash only supports Xiaomi official ROM firmware provided by Xiaomi, and does not support custom ROMs.

Features of Xiaomi MiFlash

  • Easy installation process.

    MiFlash is a desktop program that, like most software, can be installed by simply double-clicking on your computer with ease, and you can completely complete this step by simply clicking Next.

  • Easy driver solution by MiFlash

    Installing the correct drivers to your computer before connecting your phone is one of the most important steps for a successful connection. And MiFlash tool has built-in drivers that will save you time, money, and life. They are Microsoft MTP, ADB tool and driver software, as well as RNDIS driver and Qualcomm USB driver. This saves you the time of installing drivers manually.

  • Rich optional options

    MiFlash Xiaomi flash tool has built-in very user-friendly options. There are “Delete all”, “Keep user data” and “Delete all and lock” (the corresponding flash scripts are “Flash all”, “Flash all except data and storage”, “flash all lock”). If the photos are stored in storage, then you need to select “Keep user data” if you want to keep data.

Steps for MiFlash flashing

How do I update my phone with MiFlash? Note that this is an operation that can lead to data loss. So before you start, make a backup and try to save all existing data. Then, please proceed with caution.

  • Step 1: Download the correct Xiaomi Fastboot ROM on your Windows PC, double-check to make sure that you have downloaded the correct one to match your device. Then unzip it.

  • Step 2: Download the free MiFlash flash tool on your computer and unzip it, then install it.

  • Step 3: Move to the MiFlash installation location and run the exe file in the folder (usually XiaoMiFlash.exe).

  • Step 4: Go to the interface of the tool and click “Browse” to continue.

  • Step 5: Then select the ROM folder

  • Step 6: Switch your Xiaomi device to Fastboot fastboot mode. That is, turn off the device and then just Long press the volume down button and powerup button.

  • Step 7: Then connect the device in Fastboot mode to your computer with a suitable USB cable.

  • Step 8: Now you can go to the Xiaomi Flash Tool interface and check if the device is connected.

  • Step 9: Then select one option from “Delete all”, “Keep user data” and “Delete all and lock” (The preference is usually for the first two). Be aware of choosing the option “Delete all and lock”, while your device has been updated with that, your device’s bootloader will be locked again.

  • Step 10. Click the flash icon from the top of the window and wait for a few minutes.

  • Step 11: The device will reboot when the process is complete. Flashing is complete.

Xiaomi Flash Tool

Update to the latest version of MiFlash

The new version of MiFlash is more suitable for Xiaomi devices with Qualcomm chipset above Xiaomi 3 and supports Windows OS running on 32-bit and 64-bit. MiFlash supports many Xiaomi models and the flashing is basically 100% successful. So, download the latest and better optimized MiFlash flash tool to get a better experience.

Download Xiaomi flash tool

The official firmware brushed by Xiaomi flash tool is the familiar Fastboot ROM. Please always select Xiaomi official firmware for Xiaomi smartphone recovery (e.g. emergency rescue).

What are you waiting for? Start downloading the Xiaomi MiFlash flash tool now.